1. No two cases are the same, just like fingerprints and snowflakes (the precipitation). If I was with you, and it’s actually crazy coming from a guy who is a virgin, and the amorous level in you is pegged, I would ask you if you want to be touched, and then to take it slowly. After that once you feel comfortable, then we act like jackrabbits! Also, no alcohol involved I’m predisposed due to family history, would never drink it, and my body can’t break it down, weed I don’t smoke but A-Okay!

  2. Wow im quit flattered and shocked…. Wow.
    I didnt realise how much people enjoyed watching me do this! Wow lol❤

  3. No one gonna talk about that dudes ass? Lookin like this bitch stole it and absorbed it into her own tf it go

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